Will the new seismic technology shake the geothermal industry?

The oil and gas (O&G) as industry has been pushing the limit of the seismic acquisition technology allowing denser surveys to be acquired. However, the price of these acquisition systems and their associated operation cost has been prohibitive, especially for non-O&G industries, limiting survey designs to 2D or sparse 3D.

This technical paper published by EAGE for the 82nd EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition and written by C. Strobbia (Real Time Seismic), A. Ourabah (STRYDE), S. Bos (HITA), and P. Gallego (GTG), discusses how the emergence of new acquisition technologies, such as a new generation of much more nimble seismic nodes, allows agile and light operations, has opened up new possibilities for urban exploration.

Combined with the modern processing and imaging approaches, including model-based coherent noise attenuation to precondition data not adequately sampled, this allows deploying frugal and agile methods to deliver 3D seismic images at a reduced cost.

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