Onshore Nodal Seismic Surveys: Critical Lessons Learned from Recent Projects

Join our speakers Tom Rayment, Chief Geophysicist from DUG, Tom O'Toole, Product Manager from STRYDE, Chris Einchcomb, Geophysical Advisor from STRYDE, Kevin O'Connell, Head of Field Operations from STRYDE and Jürgen Hoffmann, Geoscience Manager from DNO, who discuss the real-life impact of using nodal technology to acquire seismic data in a variety of terrains and environments and share the key lessons they learned along the way.

Webinar onshore nodal seismic surveys critical lessons learned

In this free webinar, you will:

  1. Improve your knowledge of operational efficiency by covering key topics such as crew size, production sizes, logistics, vehicle requirements, timeline, acquisition costs, emissions and HSE risk. 
  2. Learn more about seismic image resolution, delving into data processing and the comparison between nodal and cabled geophone data. 
  3. Gain exclusive access to key learnings from over 100 recent land seismic projects acquired using state-of-the-art nodal receiver systems.
  4. Learn best-practice techniques for ensuring high-quality data and subsurface images are obtained.