Mastering the Art of Survey Design for High-Density Land Seismic Acquisition

Join our speakers John Naranjo, Geophysicist - Seismic Acquisition Specialist from bp, Brendon Mitchell, Geophysicist Consultant from OceaniaGeo, and Chris Einchcomb, Geophysical Advisor from STRYDE, who'll show you how to combine geophysical and logistical elements with innovative technology and integrated strategies to acquire high-density seismic without breaking the bank.

Mastering the art of survey design for high-density land seismic acquisition

In this free webinar, you will:

  1. Improve your knowledge in survey design and understand the impact new acquisition technology can have on enabling high-density seismic and unlocking seismic operational and data processing efficiencies
  2. Learn how to optimize survey design to increase survey acquisition efficiencies and access seismic data faster than ever before
  3. Discover proven seismic acquisition techniques that should be considered during survey design that is guaranteed to reduce exploration CAPEX and OPEX 
  4. Understand creative, high-density survey design techniques that will improve image uplift whilst minimizing HSSE risk and environmental footprint