The most important equipment considerations for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective land seismic acquisition

In this blog series, STRYDE explores how the latest seismic imaging technology can enable true high-density efficiency gains and cost savings without compromising seismic data quality. We delve into the nodal technology that makes this possible and dig deeper into the custom-made node management hardware, survey QC functionality and data organisation capabilities that enables high-resolution seismic images, acquired in a way that has never been done before.

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Arcticle 1 

Pushing technology to its upper limits to acquire high-density seismic

Article 2

The most effective method for improving seismic survey efficiency

Article 3

How STRYDE enables unrivalled operational efficiencies through custom-made node management technology

Article 4

Survey acquisition data QC: how STRYDE assures data quality for optimal ROI

Article 5

Data organization and final image quality: how STRYDE assures data delivery for effective decision making